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Landscape Maintenance

In addition to our lawn maintenance services, we also offer an impressive line of landscaping services to make your home stand out. We offer shrub trimming to keep your plants groomed and healthy. We also offer mulch and weed control for flower beds to keep them looking their best.

Do you need more extensive landscaping work on your property? We are a state-licensed landscape contractor that can redo your flower beds, build a flower bed wall, and install trees, shrubs, or sod among other services. We can redo your existing landscaping or provide a plan and install a completely new landscape. Our company will provide you with professional landscape work to give your lawn a fresh look that will make your yard stand out.
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Do you need a spring or winterization service on your existing sprinklers? Do you need a plan to maximize the efficiency of your sprinkler system? Are you having a problem with your current sprinkler system and need a system evaluation?

We cover sprinkler problems from seasonal service, to trouble-shooting, to new installation. We can provide you with licensed and trained personnel to keep your sprinklers running at optimum performance.
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Shrub Trimming

Homeowners naturally want healthy shrubs that accent their well-kept yard. However, overgrown shrubs can be more than an eyesore-they can damage your house and vehicles! Overgrown bushes can limit driveway space, rub against cars, or prevent you from seeing clearly when you leave or return home.

Keep your home and automobiles safe by having your trees and bushes trimmed regularly by HOBBS Lawn Care to leave healthy, flourishing plants and a safer area for your vehicles, house, and family.
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Tractor work

Do you have tractor and equipment work that needs to be done around your property? We offer brush hogging, grading, aeration, and other services! Call today and let us help with your equipment service needs.